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What is the "Han method" of creating herbal recipes?

     In ancient times the Han Emperor Shen-nong experimented with hundreds of plants and herbs. Chinese medical knowledge today is based on his discoveries, discoveries that have become world famous. Many prominent Chinese doctors have prescribed remedies and have cured hundreds of diseases using this ancient knowledge. Because the Han race of Chinese people became so proficient in herbal medicine and compiled thousands of herbal remedies, the Chinese word for "herbal recipe" also means "Han method."

What are Chinese herbal cosmetics?

     Chinese herbal cosmetics are made by selecting only the highest-quality Chinese natural herbs. Using refined scientific technology, these herbs are processed into cosmetics that enhance a woman’s beauty slowly, gently, and safely.

What is the difference between Refined® Herbal Cosmetics and other cosmetics?

     Refined® Herbal Cosmetics have many important qualities. They improve the look and feel of the skin, as well as help treat various skin conditions. They cleanse the skin thoroughly, help promote efficient skin metabolism, and impart a soft and lustrous tone to the skin. Also, they contain no artificial chemical preservatives; in fact, the skin can readily absorb Refined® Herbal Cosmetics because they possess the same basic properties as human skin. When used over a period of time, they will bring about a marked improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin. Whereas other cosmetics containing lead, mercury, and bleaching agents may seem effective initially, they prove to be harmful in the long run. This is not the case with Refined® Herbal Cosmetics.

What are the special effects of Refined® Herbal Cosmetics?

     Refined® Herbal Cosmetics are gentle, not harsh, to the skin and refreshing, not oily. They can be used to care for any type of skin, adapting to the skin’s particular properties. They cleanse surface dirt and oil from the skin and penetrate deeply. They help the skin with the regulation of melanin, which cause freckling, thus promoting a smooth overall appearance to the skin. By enhancing the skin’s natural metabolism, they promote the regeneration of skin cells, thus ensuring vitality and general health and helping to counteract the harmful effects of aging on the skin.