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     Lotus Blossom Line --

Used for dry or aging skin

As beautiful and attractive as the lotus blossom

Cleansing Cream RF001

Refined from pure plant oil; gentle, not harsh. Especially effective in removing color cosmetics. Cleanses facial skin thoroughly, in a refreshing, non-greasy way. Good for skin to which other cosmetics are applied regularly.

Cleansing Soap RF004

Completely cleanses skin. Helps to lighten dark skin tone.

Massage Gel RF002

Helps to soften hard, dry, or aging skin, gently and naturally, not harshly. Promotes healthy skin. Leaves skin smooth and tender, even when used for years.

Massage Cream RF008

Natural water-based formula that helps to lighten darkened skin during massage. Leaves skin moist and healthy, with a brilliant shine.

Facial Toner RF003

Contains various natural vitamins that aid in skin absorption. Leaves skin healthy and elastic.

Mask Powder RF012

Contains natural plant fibers, which help to increase skinís astringency properties, shrinking pores and creating a natural massaging action. Dramatically improves overall skin quality by deep-cleaning pores. Also lightens darkened skin. May be safely applied daily.

Softener Lotion RF016

Contains natural vitamins and oils to aid in maintaining moisture in skin. Leaves skin healthy and revitalized.

Delicate Essence Concentrate RF031

Helps to lighten darkened skin and softens skin. Helps to promote blood circulation and penetrates into skin, helping skin cells to retain moisture, thus leaving skin healthy and shiny.

Milky Lotion RF038

Helps to promote blood circulation and moisturize skin. Helps skin to retain moisture and brightens skin.

Nutrition Cream RF022

Helps to promote blood circulation and moisturize skin. Helps to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Maintains healthy skin, leaving skin smooth, healthy, and tender.

Beauty Cream RF0023

Helps skin to maintain moistness. Aids in blood circulation and helps to lighten skin. Can be used to remove dark spots.

Foundation Cream RF088

Blends in with natural skin color. Adds natural luster to skin. Lightens skin tone. Promotes blood circulation and general cell health.

Loose Powder RF058

Helps to regulate oil in skin cells. Appears natural and lustrous. Blends in with natural skin color. Feels naturally comfortable on face.