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     Moonlight Line --

Perfect for delicate skin

To transform a plain woman into a sophisticated woman

Cleansing Soap RF007

Completely cleanses skin. Helps to protect skin from damage caused by alkaline agents. Aids in reducing itching in hyper-sensitive skin.

Softener Lotion RF019

Penetrates into skin cells, moisturizing and softening skin from the inside. Leaves skin healthy and revitalized.

Delicate Essence Concentrate RF033

Helps to promote blood circulation and penetrates into skin, adding moisture, thus leaving skin soft and healthy, elastic and shiny.

Foundation Cream RF088

Blends in with natural skin color. Adds natural luster to skin. Lightens skin tone. Promotes blood circulation and general cell health.

Loose Powder RF058

Helps to regulate oil in skin cells. Appears natural and lustrous. Blends in with natural skin color. Feels naturally comfortable on face.